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Self Treatment Techniques

Instructor - Victoria Kazak

Explore your body by using props and self care tools. These concepts can be used anywhere anytime to help open the body and relieve built up stress and tension.

Sick of that pain in your neck or wrist or low back? Ready to take action but don’t know what to do or how to do it? Curious about foam rollers, trigger point release, or massage? How do you address body discomfort and pain?

This course is designed to answer a calling for a new form of guided pain relief, a place to ask questions try new or unfamiliar techniques with help of gentle hands on assistance.

Explore how to calmly get out of your comfort zone to explore the sharper edge of feeling discomfort. Discomfort can manifest to pain and other ailments if left unaddressed. Leave this workshop with a new perspective on how to address sensory discomfort and the gift that discomfort grants us, growth.

Cost $40 (before March 7th) $45 (after March 7th)