Restorative Yoga Therapeutics


What is Restorative Yoga?

Through the practice of Restorative Yoga you have the opportunity to allow your body to come back to its natural state of ease and peace by shifting the body into the parasympathetic nervous system.

In Restorative Yoga, the postures are fully supported by props so there is no holding, stretching, or strengthening involved.  Absolutely no experience is required.  This is a practice of being, rather than doing, which allows tension to release at a deep level. The support provided by the props creates a feeling of lightness in the body and grounding to the earth. For each session you would wear comfortable layered clothing and be prepared to be supported fully by the bolsters and blankets with a practice of poses (varying based on your needs and ability) Each session is designed specifically for you.

Who can benefit from Restorative Yoga?

Restorative Yoga is a practice that is truly for everyone. This gentle supported practice can help people of all ages:  children, teens, and adults. In our hurried society we are all experiencing the negative effects of being overbooked, constantly plugged in and forgetting to stop and take time for ourselves.

Saha Yoga specializes in working with clients to help reduce physical tension and discomfort in the body, trauma, depression and negative thoughts through breathing, mindfulness and embodiment on your mat. Each restorative yoga therapeutic session will introduce a specific pose sequence designed to meet your needs based on our intake and integration. In our intimate yoga therapeutics room we invite people to let go of the thoughts in their mind and come into the sensations in their body to experience the positive benefits of this practice for days to come.

How can Restorative Yoga help me?

Restorative Yoga can help people settle into their own bodies.  People who are able to learn to settle into sensation in their bodies and integrate stress management techniques have found that Restorative Yoga can help with

    • Stress Reduction
    • Reduction in symptoms of anxiety, depression and trauma
    • Pain management


Private sessions:

    • 1 1/2-hour session - $90
This session offers the opportunity to go into deep rest and restoration. Three to four postures are typically offered, in addition to a centering and grounding meditation.  

    • 2-hour session - $115
This session provides the greatest opportunity for deep rest and relaxation. The session will begin with a 15-30 minute guided meditation followed by four to six restorative postures chosen specifically to meet the needs identified by the client.

3 session pack; $255.00 (paid up front) 

Small Group Sessions (2- 4 people)
    • Above fee plus $30 per hour per additional person

Private Restorative Yoga Therapeutics require payment in full upon booking. Please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all private yoga. Full refunds will be given for cancellations made 24 hours or more prior to the scheduled session. If the session is cancelled within 12 hours of the scheduled time, a refund of 50% of the session price will be made. Cancellations made on the day of the session are not eligible for a refund.

Email to dive into deep relaxation.