Tina Fetten

Over a decade ago Tina had a health scare and it was the wake-up call that she needed to realize we only have one life, with one vessel to live that life in, and she wanted to live it to the fullest. Through fitness and eating habits she began to shift her lifestyle to healthier choices that honored her body. Her life completely transformed when she was introduced to yoga and how powerful it is when fully embraced. What started out as a powerful physical practice to compliment her stand up paddle regimen, became so much more within the first year after an injury that prohibited her from running and practicing power yoga. THAT was when Tina realized what yoga was truly about. She was able to dig deep within and become comfortable in her own skin and learn to deal with life off the mat with the tools she learned on the mat. That introduction to yoga ignited her inner fire which led her on the path to becoming an instructor and share all the positive benefits of yoga that are for everyBODY.

Since September 2011 Tina has completed over 400 hours of training through the Baptiste Institute and programs for Trauma Sensitivity, Addiction Recovery, PTSD, Children’s, Yin and Restorative Yoga (Level 1 & 2). Tina is a Foundational Yoga Therapist, having completed the training under the guidance of Dr. Ann Biasetti, Phd; LCSWR; ERYT-500; C-IAYT at An Embodied Life in Saratoga Springs.

Tina loves to share her love of yoga through Restorative, Gentle Flow and Yin. She designs her sessions to allow for you to connect with all areas of your body and breathe with the constant reminder that yoga should always feel good. Tina utilizes her knowledge she has gained through her special education background to meet the needs of all body types and abilities and modifications are always offered and encouraged. Most importantly, she will always remind you to just breathe.

If Tina isn’t at the studio, she most likely is on the water somewhere stand up paddling with her dog Riggins and/or practicing sup yoga. After closing her Yoga studio in Binghamton, The Binghamton Zen Den, Tina relocated to the Saratoga area and is honored and excited to be able to share her love of Yoga and Yoga Therapy with the Saha Community.

“Because you are alive, everything is possible.” -Thich Nhat Han


Jamie Demetria Lemnotis

Jamie’s soft, introspective nature comes through in all of her teaching. Her classes weave story, music, and asana together, creating a class for the soul, body, and mind. Jamie is a certified 500 hour teacher, registered with Yoga Alliance. She completed the 200 hour training locally at Yoga Mandali in Saratoga Springs, and then traveled to India for the 300 hour training with master teacher Gopi Kinnicutt, at the Govardhan Ecovillage. Other certifications include Level I, II, and III in Radiant Child Yoga, she also attended training in “Yoga for the Special Child” with Sonia Sumar. And she continues attending workshops and trainings. Her wish is for all to take their yoga off the mat and create a more harmonious world. Because yoga is for every-body.


Mallory Michele McGavin

Mallory returned to yoga seeking relief from chronic pain. Although yoga has not "healed" her it has given many tools to live more comfortably, body, mind, and soul. She works hard to allow acceptance of the moment to guide the physical practice and lovingly encourages others to listen to their own inner teacher. Her classes have a strong focus in body-mind awareness and breath work. Mallory is passionate about learning and sharing. She has many merciful teachers to whom she pays her respects while gently reminding others to find gratitude from lessons learned. Her classes balance between work and play. She is known for holding space for each student to question their limits and mindfully move towards steadiness and ease.


Jael Polnac

Jael has practiced yoga for over 20 years, originally finding it to be a useful way to decompress from her career as an environmental attorney in Washington, DC. In 2011, her yoga practice took on a whole new meaning after a serious skiing injury and difficult rehabilitation. Instead of being a fun workout and way to release stress, yoga became integral to healing both her body and her spirit, a process which lead her to pursue her RYT 200-hour teacher certification in 2016. Since then, Jael has received certifications in Yin Yoga with Keli Lalita Reddy and in Restorative Yoga (Levels I and II) with Ann Saffi Biasetti. In addition, she has studied Ayurveda, Yoga Philosophy, and Mindfulness Meditation

While bringing strength, grace, and a calming energy to her thoughtfully crafted yoga sequences, Jael connects her asana instruction to traditional and contemporary yogic texts and uses her steady, centering energy to help her students through any challenges in the practice. Jael has worked with beginners, athletes, and experienced yogis and is open and sensitive to the needs of her students.

She lives with her husband, their three teenage children, and four pets. And when she’s not practicing yoga, she spends her time working on her historic home, reading, gardening, and driving carpool (but mostly driving carpool).